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there's a first time for everything Empty there's a first time for everything

Post  Bobby Savage on Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:23 pm

this feb the 19th i will face fabulous frankie fontain for my static-x title. i've trained with, traveled with, partied with, played paintball with and been friends with the fab one for 5 yrs. however, fab has decided he wants to take my title away from me. bad idea. what alot of fans don't know is the fab one has been in japanese death matches and light tube matches and he has not only survived but won some of the hardest of hard-core matches. he's not just pink fluff and stuff, he's a fighter.

this won't be the first time i've had to put friendship aside to defend my title. frankie you should look back and see what i did to marty reed who is also a close frind to regain my title. don't think for a new york second that i won't do the same to you to keep it.
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