The NFO is no more!!!

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The NFO is no more!!! Empty The NFO is no more!!!

Post  hotshot on Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:06 pm

That's right I Shawn Adams am dissolving the NFO. Hell I am the founder and last remaining member. Shamus O'Mally, Cris Craven, and Wallabee Joe got deported because they Forgot to renew thier work visas.

I tried to take these guys under my wing and help them to be unified against a common enemy but they were just to slow to understand any of it.

I reminded all of you several times and even asked you if you had renewed your visa and all you said is "I'll handle it." Just like in the ring though you fell short and let the entire group down.

I am just about sick and tired of all of these worthless pion's telling me they can hang with the big dogs but are gone faster then an illegal immigrant can say INS.

This is not the end though. from the ashes of the NFO will rise a more powerful group. One with the same goals and on the same wavelength. Be for warned for a new Alliance is being formed.



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The NFO is no more!!! Empty Re: The NFO is no more!!!

Post  The Big Boss on Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:36 am

Shawn, It is time for a new creature to rise out of the ashes of what was the NFO. A much smarter, quicker, stronger, and more deadly unit. An alliance of men that is working for one main goal. SWE you have brought this on yourself. Be prepared.
The Big Boss
The Big Boss

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